About the Artist

Danny Usher

Danny Usher spent most of his adult life living in Taiwan, where he worked as a teacher and manager of an American school. He also spent  several years working as a promotions manager for Fusion Groove and a contract negotiator for Neotribe Records. 

As a trained barber and owner of Saint and Heathen Barbershop, Danny often found himself, and clients alike lamenting their disappearing hairlines. After seeing the cost, scars and healing times of hair transplants, Danny started looking into other options. Shortly after, he stumbled upon  Scalp Micro Pigmention videos online and was blown away at the before and after videos of SMP artists. He decided to get it himself before recommending it to clients. After the first session, he was sold and obsessed with learning the trade. A couple of months later he was signed up under the tutelage of Master SMP artist Jenn Fisk to learn the art of Scalp Micro Pigmentation and became a licensed SMP artist in Canada. 

Danny is excited to bring SMP to the Comox Valley and North Island. 

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